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Different Methods
River and the Doctor have different ways of doing things. But somehow they always work best together.
River ran into the corridor, slammed the blast door, and grabbed his hand.
They sprinted down the hallway, the sound of labored spacecraft engines rising around them.
“River, what did you do?” the Doctor demanded as they ducked around a corner and pelted for the escape pod where the Tardis was stored.
“It was just a little bomb,” River said, grinning evilly back over her shoulder at him.
Suddenly there were cries of distress and dismay from all parts of the ship.
She looked back over her shoulder at him again, one eyebrow raised. “What did you do?” she asked.
He shrugged and grinned back at her, his floppy hair dangling in his eyes. “I cut the navigation controls, and put bubble soap in the internal atmosphere recyclers.”
Bubbles started to float out of the air vents around them.
They pelted
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 14 2
Marshmallows and Steel
How does River Song feel about her husband being many different men? Yet all one man?
She never knew which Doctor she was going to get. Sometimes he was gray haired and cranky, sometimes he was young with a pretty mouth, sometimes he was short and sexy, but all of them, each and every one, were her Sweetie.
In every incarnation, he had a spine of steel, and a soul of marshmallow. Oh, sometimes he hid it better than others. Sometimes he was more daft, or more serious.
But under it all, was always that man who would look at her with such wondering eyes. Not just wondering who she was (although that was fun.) But that gentle, loving wonder that asked how he’d gotten so lucky.
What woman could resist that? In a very large number of respects she was very different to him. He may have been a marshmallow with a spine of steel, but she was steel all the way through.
But have him look at her with those eyes, and she turned into a marshmallow.
And all she wanted was S’more.
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 13 3
Lelouch vi Brittania :iconqueenofsorcery:queenofsorcery 3 1 The Snow Queen :iconrussramos:RussRamos 84 41
Hello Sweetie
River had never seen this face before. But as usual, the Doctor's timing was lousy.
She knew those eyes.
They were in the wrong face, and the eyes themselves were shaped differently, but she knew that expression.
“Hello Sweetie.”
She reeled. He wasn’t supposed to be here! He was supposed to be safely away, she’d even stolen the Tardis....
Oh God. He’d caught her. He’d been watching while she....
Quick, quick, cover up, distract him.
“You are so doing those roots.”
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 17 4
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
The Doctor has always been a bit musical, but never like this.
“Can they see each other?” Clara muttered to River out of the side of her hand. She was wincing and hiding her face with her other hand.
“No,” River said, grinning. “The Tardis is separating the timelines.”
The Doctor was rocking out, playing “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” on his guitar, and his recorder, and his spoons. In three different incarnations.
They must be able to hear each other, since they were working in harmony. Seven blurring rapid fire percussion with his spoons. Two dancing a jig as he tweedled the melody around the main line. And 12 jamming in full out rocker mode, guitar screaming.
All of them dancing around the Tardis Christmas tree, separated in bands of different qualities of light, as the light in their various Tardises differed in each time zone.
“So,” Clara said, peering awfully over her hand. “He’s always been
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 28 6
I've Got A Crush on You
The Doctor's always known River is seductive, but he's never seen her like this...
(See Author's Description before reading.)
They were in a 1940's Big Band nightclub.
The Doctor, Amy, and Rory pulled out chairs and claimed a table below the stage, beside the huge dance floor.
The adventure was over, they'd foiled the alien's attempt to introduce a violence-inducing hormone into the alcohol supply, and sent the aliens off, literally, with their tails between their legs.
They'd decided they deserved a night out. Amy and Rory had dressed for the Forties, Amy in a military cut dress, curled bangs, and bright red lipstick, Rory in a WWII Army officer's uniform that he said he'd earned.
The Doctor had opted to wear his tux. They all sat down, Rory gave their drinks order to a waitress, and they turned their attention to the band that was warming up on the high stage.
The air was redolent of cigarette smoke and perfume, the crowd loud and cheerful with discussi
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 19 3
The Doctor and Donna Noble :iconkeava-rayne:Keava-Rayne 20 6 The Ninth Doctor and Rose :iconkeava-rayne:Keava-Rayne 95 11 Look at you... :icontogaochi:Togaochi 78 17 About a girl :iconpuffu316:Puffu316 25 9
The Pond family is doing a little yard work...
River was trimming the hedges. Rory was mowing the lawn. The Doctor was using a toothbrush to polish the stepping stones, (no one told him he didn’t have to, it kept him out of trouble.)
River ran a bare foot up the Doctor’s calf as she stepped over his prostrate form, proceeding along the hedge. He kicked a heel lightly in response. Rory pretended not to see.
Amy looked up from where she was pulling weeds in the tulip bed. “Anyone for some lemonade?” she asked, pushing her large floppy “Southern Belle” hat back and wiping her forehead.
“What?” Rory yelled over the growling of the lawnmower.
“LEMONADE!” Amy yelled at him.
“I’m almost done, don’t need any help, thanks,” he yelled back.
River grinned. She flipped her giant scissorlike clippers into the ground where they stuck upright, quivering. “I’ll get it, mum,” she called back. Am
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 17 2
You're So His Wife :iconpuffu316:Puffu316 22 8
Silk and Steel
The Doctor and River are both silk and steel in different combinations. She's weapons and warfare, he's bow ties and top hats...
River sharpened the edge of the katana with a swishing, ringing sound of stone on metal.
The Doctor stopped in the doorway of her Tardis dojo and gulped. His eyes looked both ways down the corridor, as if looking for a quick exit.
“Don’t worry, honey,” River said, still shushing the stone along the blade, “this isn’t for you.”
He snorted a quick gulp. “I never thought it was.”
She looked up at him out of the corner of her eye, a daring, doubtful look that made him reach up to adjust his bowtie.
He stopped his hand, perhaps now was not the best time to remind her of his bowtie, with that sharp knife in her hand. Unconsciously his hand went up toward his head to make sure he wasn’t wearing a hat.
She smirked.
She stood up and swished the katana through an elaborate figure eight all around her body. He
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 16 3






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